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Need a hot hotel deal? Need to Escape can help!

Looking for cheap hotels, last minute accommodation specials or a great hotel deal for a special getaway in the future? Need to Escape has the hottest hotel deals, specials & discounts available in Australia & Worldwide.

Great deals on hotels all year round - save at Need to Escape!

Whether you're looking for last minute specials on great accommodation or discounts 365 days in advance you wont beat Need to Escape for hot hotel deals and accommodation deals. Unlike other companies our discounts and hotel deals are not conditional- you don't get the last room available or have to wait until the last minute to book, you simply get access to great deals in great hotels and accommodation - no strings attached!

Current hotel deals on offer:

Please look below for our latest accommodation specials. For more information about any of the hotel deals currently available check below, or if you prefer to do some research first, visit our accommodation reviews .






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